PKZIP Server for Windows

PKZIP Server for Windows 14.40

PKZIP Server provides data compression and file management to reduce file size
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PKZIP Server for Windows is a file compression utility for servers. This program is intended to reduce transfer times and conserve storage space in your server. It can distribute files from servers to desktops and exchange data across desktops and servers.

If you already have PKZIP Server 8.6 installed on your system, you are seriously advised to update to the most current version. The version 8.6 is quite outdated. You can find more information in the developer's website. This program runs under Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server SP4 and Windows Vista.

This program makes the network more efficient by compressing data, liberating disk space and saving bandwidth. Once you have configured the program with the right parameters, everything is done in the background. Your data can be directly streamed in and out of applications. You will never see the ZIP file because the application decompress/compress the archive when opening/closing documents, everything in an automated way.

Everything is done via command line, this means that you won't find neither a point and click interface nor a wizard with beautiful icons. Do you remember PKZIP in those ancient times of MS-DOS? Well, it's something like that but compressing and decompressing everything in the background. You can also think about PKZIP Server as a more sophisticated version of Windows folder compression feature designed for big corporations, especially if you consider its emphasis on security and the high price.

If you are just looking for a program to compress your book collection in a single package or to extract the compressed archives you downloaded from the web, then you should try ALZip, 7zip or QuickZip. If you need something more powerful and want to pay for it, you can try PowerArchiver, WinRAR or WinZIP. There is also a desktop version of PKZIP with a bunch of advanced security functions and a nice visual interface but it's quite expensive. By the way, if you have a huge book collection, you should read instead of compress them!

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